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Cafe Dolce Specials

Cafe Dolce Specials


Wondering what you could eat at breakfast or lunch?

Wonder no more! There is a set of the selection available to you.




I loved the Salmon steak and Mexican tortilla. I will definitely be coming back for more every Thursday! Thank you for the awesome and generous service! is full of interesting content is excellent, good work! Regards Price Harrison odds

Thank You!


Rose and John;
THANK YOU so much for your wonderful Lasagna and I did see you had reduced the price - how generous of you!
It was delicious and everyone had enough to eat ~ they raved about the vegetarian as well as the regular beef.

We so appreciate your excellent  food and service!

You are GOOD People!
~~~~~     (The pans and utensils are here in our R&D Class Room ready for you to pick them up - Debi or I can get them for you.)

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I ordered the gyros and the minestrone soup and wanted to thank you: they were both Heavenly!


Thanks so much for always have the best food and atmosphere…Café Dolce is my favorite café in all of Sacramento…




Dennis Smith

Volcano Corporation

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